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Adult Parole Board

The Adult Parole Board page provides information about the board's role, membership and operation.

Australian Bureau of Statistics

The ABS website provides access to the full range of ABS statistical and reference information, such as statistics about population, income, Internet use, tourism and crime.

Australian Institute of Criminology

The Australian Institute of Criminology website includes information about the criminological research, conferences, seminars and publications of this Commonwealth statutory authority.

Australian Law Reform Commission

This website details the ALRC's current inquiries. The website also includes publications, media releases and a complete list of past inquiries.

Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (NSW)

The BOCSAR website includes information about this statistical and research agency, which operates within the NSW Attorney-General's Department. The website also gives access to statistics, online data tools and publications.

Careers with the Victorian Government

The Careers with the Victorian Government website provides information about vacancies within the Victorian Public Service, graduate opportunities and senior appointments, as well as information about working in the Victorian Public Service.

Children's Court of Victoria

The Children's Court website includes information about the court, resources and publications.

Corrections Victoria

This page outlines Corrections Victoria's role in operating Victoria's prisons and managing Community Correctional Services.

County Court of Victoria

The County Court website contains information about the operation of the court and provides daily court lists.

Courts and Tribunals

This is an online portal to Victorian courts and tribunals websites.

Crime Research Centre (WA)

The Crime Research Centre website includes statistical information on crime and justice in Western Australia.

Department of Justice

The Department of Justice website provides information about courts, prisons, emergency services, regulation of gaming, racing and liquor licensing as well as services for victims of crime.

Drug Court

The Drug Court website includes an overview of the court, offender eligibility and program conditions.

Judicial College of Victoria

This website includes information about the Judicial College's education and training programs for judges, magistrates and VCAT members. The website also provides access to the Victorian Sentencing Manual.

Judicial Commission of New South Wales

This website provides information about the Judicial Commission's continuing education and training for judicial officers in NSW.

Judicial Conference of Australia

The Judicial Conference website includes information about colloquia and publications.

Koori Court

The Koori Court website outlines the aims of the court and includes links to related publications.

Magistrates' Court of Victoria

The Magistrates' Court website includes information on police cases and other prosecutions, fines and penalties, money claims and other disputes (civil), family violence/intervention orders and court support.

NSW Sentencing Council

The NSW Sentencing Council website provides general information about sentencing in New South Wales courts, as well as an overview of current projects and access to published reports.

Office of Crime Statistics and Research (SA)

The Office of Crime Statistics and Research website includes information about research and monitoring of crime trends and the criminal justice system within South Australia.

Office of Economic and Statistical Research (QLD)

The Office of Economic and Statistical Research website provides information about data services, including crime and justice statistics, for Queensland government agencies and other organisations.

Sentencing Advisory Council (TAS)

This website outlines the functions, members and current projects of the Tasmanian Sentencing Advisory Council.

Sentencing Council for England and Wales (UK)

The Sentencing Council website includes information about sentencing guidelines issued to assist all courts in England and Wales.

Supreme Court of Victoria

This website contains information about the Supreme Court, its history and current practices and includes daily court lists.

United States Sentencing Commission (USA)

The Sentencing Commission website provides information about this independent agency and its sentencing policies and practices for US federal courts. The website also includes access to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines Manuals.

Victims of Crime

The Department of Justice Victims of Crime website offers information and advice to victims of crime.

Victoria Law Foundation

The Victoria Law Foundation (VLF) website provides legal information resources in plain language for Victorian communities. The website also includes information about VLF's grants program.

Victoria Police

The Victoria Police website provides information on careers with the organisation, as well as media resources and information about local police and Victoria Police services.

Victorian Commercial Teachers Association

The Victorian Commercial Teachers Association website includes information about support services, programs and resources for educators.

Victorian Law Reform Commission

This website includes information about the VLRC's latest projects, publications and completed projects.

Youth Parole Board

The Youth Parole Board page outlines the Board's role in dealing with the parole of all young people in youth justice custodial centres.