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An important part of the Council's work is to advise the Attorney-General on sentencing matters. 

Our Publications

The Sentencing Advisory Council publishes a wide range of material on sentencing matters.

Completed Projects

Since its inception, the Sentencing Advisory Council has produced numerous reports on complex sentencing issues.

Virtual You be the Judge

"These four people have been arrested, sent to trial and found guilty. Now they need to be sentenced ... You be the Judge!"

Resources for Teachers

The Sentencing Advisory Council has prepared two teachers' kits based on case studies of real sentences.

About Sentencing

In this section you will find information about sentencing law, process and options.

Sentencing Snapshots

Our Sentencing Snapshots series covers offences in the County and Supreme Courts of Victoria.


SACStat is an online tool developed by the Sentencing Advisory Council for accessing Magistrates' Court sentencing statistics.